The Chair Project

After launching a very successful career in graphic design, I spent a year studying interior design. My favorite part of that experience was a project in which I built a miniature chair. I discovered my love for creating and building in three dimension, and the joy of using textiles and materials. Ultimately, I returned to my career in graphic design, leaving behind my dream of becoming an interior designer, and passion for using my hands to create structures.

Several years ago, I decided to revisit my chair project, and challenged myself to a personal creative study. I committed to design and build a miniature chair every day for 100 consecutive days. I completed the project, and found that I needed to continue creating chairs even after the 100 days. 

In the beginning my chairs were primarily about the aesthetics. As I continued and stretched my creativity, the chairs evolved into telling stories. I was at first inspired mainly by materials, concepts and colors. Now, I realized that there is much more to my art, as it is also inspired by feelings, emotions and life experiences. 

The joy my art brings me is multidimensional; it is in the design inspiration, the building, the photographing and the sharing with others. It is in using something common to everyone, the chair, to communicate emotions and be wildly creative. 

My art ignites my soul. I want to share it, inspire with it and make this place a little brighter.

The Chair Video